with the man over

Is known as the “position of the missionary”, in reference to them first missionaries Christian, that it extended to them peoples that colonizing to the believe that was the only form adequate for the procreation. In other cultures is known as the “angelica stance” or “snake” and practiced among the Japanese, Tibetan and Navajo of North America.

position with the man over

The position of the missionary, the female below and the man over, is the more common, and for some people is it invariably. The name of this position is that it was introduced to force by the missionaries who carried their faith to “Pagan” or “uncivilized” peoples.
In this posture, with its variants, the man lies between them thighs of the woman, being which exerts almost by full the control of the coitus, since the woman not has much freedom of movement, this not wants to tell that not is a posture nice for she since can lie is and enjoy of them sensations, and to the be face to face , it facilitates the Kiss, the dialogue intimate and any type of caresses.


On the other hand it posture of them legs of the woman (surrounding to the man, stretched…), alter the position of your pelvis, what will produce in both new sensations e will increase the contact genital. Positions with the male over feed the male need for domain and allow to penetrate deeply to his partner; also satisfies the desire of the woman becoming dominated because they assume the passive role. The majority of them men enjoy to the penetrate the body of the woman it more deeply possible, and them enjoy also, especially when are extremely excited and want to feel is “full“. In addition when a woman opens completely fellow makes you feel desired in a very special way.
position sex for penetration deep


Advantages: between their advantages this which is an of them postures that more guarantees the pregnancy, since the head of the penis is located very near the neck uterine and is leans during the orgasm towards it part upper dilated of the vagina, where is collects the sperm after the ejaculation.


When the man is raised on their elbows, the penis changes of position, stimulating more the area of the clitoris. Also the male can control the depth of the penetration and the rhythm coital, and in all its variants produces an excellent stimulation of the Glans, by what is ideal for those males that suffer of a pathology known as ejaculation incomplete or delayed. Another of its most positive aspects is good body contact that the couple may have.


Disadvantages: is a posture tired for the man that is sees obligated to support its own weight with them arms; If is rests on the woman, she remains immobilized not being able control with your pelvis the level of penetration. In this position the man is which handles those movements, which causes that have a less control of his ejaculation. However to many women them pleases, especially if are them that placed the penis to the depth that want. In addition, scans show that not stimulates the Gspot or clitoral area well by what few times women reach orgasm.


Women with problems of anorgasmia should not practice this position, since it is little stimulant. It is not recommended from the fifth month of gestation, since penetration produces a movement of the fetus around the uterus. If women press with their legs hips of your partner, penis is stimulated more by force of the vaginal muscles on him. The more legs, soar deeper is the penetration, so for some women can be quite painful. If the woman raises the lumbar area with a simple pillow during intercourse, it will be more likely that the sperm is stored in the cervix, guaranteeing the insemination.




posture more soft


In this position the woman is lying on her back in bed and the man leans diagonally over it. She opens their legs to allow you to the man enter balancing is gently from side to side. She can guide their movements with the pressure of his hands. This position is easy to maintain if the man leans on his back and the woman is in control.


position of post-coital rest


This position is known as ‘cuissade’, from French cuisse, which means thigh. The woman leans on his back, with the man at his side. She lifts her leg closest to him and rests it on his body, the man enters below the thigh of her nearest leg across his body. They can hold each other and kissing, the position is very intimate, probably by the ‘secret’ form of the entry. Women can strive to limit the depth of penetration with his thigh so you can make it more exciting.
penetration deep

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