The symbol is represented by the Water carrier. The original symbol is two water undulations; this element symbolizes the intuition and, when being in an air sign that it has to do with the mental activity, it indicates creative and original intelligence. At the present time we can say that this symbol fits very well with other many classes of waves, like those of light, electricity, sound, etc. that is related to science in general, with which as much it has to do the planet Uranus, his runs. The water carrier, spilling the water, gives the idea that the intuitive ability or of inspiration “is spilled” to all the same, without considering the idea of a merit or a necessity from those who receives it. For that reason the Acuariano is interested in the humanity like a whole, without being influenced in its opinions by the favoritism or acts of the others.

He is an idealistic, loving being of the freedom, humanitarian feelings and originality in which it does, with a fort desire to defend some cause. The Saturnine principle in an air sign, is pronounced in this case, with a strong interest in the human contacts more than in the practitioners (Capricorn). Often he is inconvencional, revolutionary or nonorthodox; its thought goes ahead to the opinions of its time; the objectives locate them on things or facts outside the common thing, which is very modern or very old, and often it like to combine both ends. Also it pleases to be member of clubs or to societies to him in where it can congeniar his ideas, more than by the interest to have personal communications. Very it is arranged to make friends, in fact, makes a cult of the friendship. Unpredictable in his acts, it has artistic or scientific inclinations. Mentally he is intuitive, librepensador, honest, voluntarily ample progressive of opinion, with much capacity to develop abstract thoughts; something eccentric is intelligent although; it has ability to synthesize, is inventive with predisposition to the intellectual. In the love it is desapegado, paradoxical, like in any other thing, with lack of emocionalidad, as all air sign. Its dispassionate and independent nature makes be “different” and can lead it to the affective rupture. A happy association can be maintained if “the other” person is not possessive and account of the necessity occurs that has the Acuariano to dedicate itself to its mental interests and “to spread them” between known friends and.

You are about to become very busy at work this month, so put off taking a vacation until late September or mid-October to be sure you can get everything you need to do done. You are about to enter a period where you will have some of the juiciest assignments in the department, and you may be the envy of others who work there. No matter, just smile – you’ve proved yourself and this is reward time. If you are self-employed, you will find that business is brisk – so good in fact that you may be contemplating recruiting more workers to handle the demand. You may work in a seasonal business, because this month your services seem to be very much in demand no matter where you work, and that is a very good feeling indeed.

The reason for this lovely turn of events is Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, has now moved into Cancer late last month, on June 25. In the next twelve months, until July 16, 2014, the date Jupiter will leave for the next sign, you will have an opportunity to prove, once and for all, that you have the right stuff to make it onto a VIP short list of bright stars to watch and reward by being groomed for…

The dark side
Aquarians are very unpredictable, they can be chaotic or calm, stubborn or flexible, rebellious or helpful depending on how they feel and what their own senses tell them. This is a sign which can in extremes be totally dedicated to being unconventional, being wired the other way round.
This is a sign which can become detached to the point of coldness, stuck in a rigid and unrecognisable pattern. Aquarius has no care for what the world thinks and logically pursues their own set of social values. The isolation this brings is often a surprise, despite the super reliance on other senses, they can miss the obvious.

Very unpredictable, eccentric, rebellious, contrary, tactless, stubborn, perverse, emotionally oblivious.

Injuries to lower legs, ankle problems, poor circulation, varicose veins, blood disorders, nervous disorders, sheer lack of sleep.

Beneficial foods
Pomegranates and pineapples.

You are most compatible with
Libra – superlative.
Aquarius – truly out of this world.
Gemini – best friends first, everything else follows.
Aries – intriguingly lively.
Leo – entertaining, at opposite ends of the rope.

Absolutely no chance!
Scorpio – conflict turns to war.
Taurus – the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.
Virgo – little harmony, too much constriction.
Cancer – hurtful.
Capricorn – sticky, unless you speak earth sign.

Your opposite sign
is Leo

Someone you know?
The Tin Man from the yellow brick road,
Charles Darwin,
Abraham Lincoln,
Francis Bacon,
John Travolta,
Jack Benny,
Paul Newman,
Joanne Woodward,
Russell Grant, the UK Astrologer,
Gene Hackman,
Charles Lindbergh,
Jack Lemmon,
Burt Reynolds,
Lewis Carroll,
Helen Gurley Brown,
James Dean,
James Hoffa,
Thomas Edison,
Eva Gabor,
Zsa Zsa Gabor,
Lee Marvin,
Wolfgang Mozart,
the Loch Ness Monster,
Mother Goose,
the Mad Hatter,
General Douglas McAthur,
Yoko Ono,
Princess Caroline of Monaco,
Franklin D Roosevelt,
Ronald Reagan,
Vanessa Redgrave,
Jules Verne,
Telly Savalas,
George Burns (verging on Capricorn),
Robbie Williams.

Someplace you know?


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