Who we are.?

My name is JZ, I have 46 years of age and I am Public Accountant.
Ever since I was received from Accountant, I have worked fundamentally in administration and I was always interested in psychology, knowing people, its motivations and their forms to act.
Besides to study psychology by my account, I was connecting myself with a group of transpersonales psychologists through who I knew a psychologist Brazilian who worked with the astrology for her consultations.
In March of 1996 I traveled to Salvador (Bay) where I initiated my studies of astrology from the interpretation of my own letter and with the supervision of this psychologist.
To my return, it continues with my studies but in self-taught form. Simultaneously it connects to me with Uruguayan astrologers to interchange knowledge, specially with Meneghin with that it makes an improvement factory that meant a good contribution to me.
Until half-full of 1988 I made studies in the familiar scope, known friends and, and as of this moment I began to do consultations at general level in the City of. Canelones(Alive in, in.)

Since we make the study.?

I interpret the letter with a psychological sense, to manage to deepen in the self-knowledge of each person to improve his quality of life and its opportunities (as I say it in the page.)

I believe that a destiny (noticeable in each native letter) exists but that each person has an ample margin of freedom through as she can or not to fulfill its “mission” in this life.

I like as Pablo Cohelo in the Alchemist says to it: Who persecutes his personal legend, the Universe conspires so that it can obtain it. I analyze the native letter to know the profile psychological each person. Its personality, its individuality, as one is and as it is essentially, simultaneously to begin to escudriñar in its unconscious one; everything which is deepened when communicating to me with this person.

This I make it in customized form, unlike the computer texts that are offered commonly by Internet.
The difference is substantial since a computer does not interpret as their different aspects nor their relation with the totality from the letter are united in an individual.
In my interpretation I include a study of transits and progressions (also with contributions of solar and lunar revolutions) with the purpose of determining in that moment is living the person and whereupon energies will count.
The predictive astrology the work with a sense of opportunities.
There are no good situations or bad, single there are opportunities, that if they are known to take advantage of, the result is the personal growth.

  • Analysis of the personality
    and the opportunities.
  • Personal self-knowledge.
  • In order to improve the quality of life.

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