Astrology: The machine of To make alike

machine-alikeAldo Mazzuchelli the astrology as she knows herself today is born in the century of Aristotle, and not before, no matter how hard a rudimentary type of annotations of clay the planetary small board positions has existed with precise predictions, already 1,800 years before Christ in Mesopotamia.

The etymology of the word symbol refers a technical term of the Greek language.
One is a fragment of a ceramics utensil that the host gave his guest when this one started off so that, when returning, it could recognize the house that once welcomed it.
The image is, she herself, grávida of symbolism.

If – as affirms to many religious traditions the men are travellers whom they gropingly look for to return to the place from where they come before – it is east place understood like God, like an pre-existence to the terrestrial existence, like safe uterus, like pleasing childhood, or like any territory that its unconscious or its dreams they have fertilized the symbol is the promise to return to be there, to return to league together with which no longer it is. Re-to bind.
The initial mention to the symbol comes to story because the astrology is, indeed, a sophisticated art to symbolize.
A simple definition of the western astrology would be the following one: it is that discipline that looks for in skies symbols that allow to reconstruct a sense for the life.
The astrology has in addition, therefore, and from we go, a dimension – etimol├│gicamente when less nun.
The essential procedure of the astrology consists of taking a fragment from the cosmos that welcomes very temp in the man, and trying, through that fragment, to recognize the totality which belongs. `Zodiacal signs’ are true signs, that is to say, things that are instead of others, that refer others.
Unlike the words written fragilely in paper, that are the classic signs of any language, these strangers `zodiacal signs’ are written `for always’ on the enormous nocturnal blackboard, in a species of the most complicated and doubtful lesson that he is never finished learning.
A native letter is an astronomical design of a little while only in the development absolutely. Returning to the notion from symbol mentioned at the beginning: for the medical instructors of the astrology it is, of some way, that fragment of ceramics that the Whole gives its creatures when they are going away to live in the Earth of the objective and fragmented manifestation, so that soon they remember and they recognize through his study what another total space once gave origin them.
From this point of view, the astrology is one of the so many forms – such time desperate that they exist to save the fall, to reconstruct any lost and longed for fullness. Enough more and rather less than a science – as they create some enthusiastic ones between his medical instructors, it also seems to be a consolation tool.

Perhaps for that reason it has lived always in resolute and often militant a bad tension with the institutional religions: it announces that the own intellect, the own .reason and the own intuition of the man are sufficient to engage in a dialog with the own divinity, and threatens therefore the vicarious paper that the ritual structures and the sacerdotal hierarchies play in those religions.
Something faustic of that is lost by its magnificent desire of knowledge threatens, by the way, to all astrologer of any time.

However, the ambitions – eternally overwhelmed due to his pretenciosidad- with the astrology they are not those to provide a system with knowledge.
The grand problem for a cautious and cultured present western mentality is that, when one is interrogated about what it is what the astrological method tries to know, the answer is transformed in four letters: everything.

zodiac_signThe letter can be made native of a person, a chicken or a nation, a football team or a marriage, the launching of an interplanetary rocket or of the clone of a dromedario. For the astrology, all and each one of those letters, if they are raised in a while exact and reasonably identifiable like the one of birth of those organizations, will reveal something very essential about how these are, and of how they will be developed.
This note tries to show which is the history, and so that still discipline exists this old or art conjectural, with which the life gained Johannes Kepler at a time at which still it was possible to think the world of the material appearances with the rigor of a scientific genius and, simultaneously, to try to construct and to see working a model of the cosmos based on a theory of the harmony in where God cycles and numbers are expressed through.

A world simultaneously of material appearances and only accessible deep messages to an intuitive genius of simultaneously observant thought and. Perhaps, the astrological and scientific success simultaneously of Kepler is a reminder and an admonition of which everything is not so easy, directed to the new massive astrology that is being born now, and that gives the illusion of a native letter in 10 seconds by computer – and in that triroad it hides and it shows the immense one simultaneously to be able of the old representations. In fact, although the men do not agree themselves about which he is, something interesting must have in the astrology, if it has followed lives although it died definitively already twice – between years 500 and 1200, and in century XVII.

Science has not been able to kill it, perhaps because, until now, no scientist has stated who the old symbols – and among them the zodiacal planetariums and, have left the cellar of ours psique, where they are the bases of our capacity to interpret the book of the world

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