A question that has often done to me, is: that is what it is possible to be known through a native letter. The answer is the following one: Let us imagine that each being comes to the world in order to make certain learnings, and that to carry out them, its life is going away to base on a plan. In this plan they will be including the potential capacities that are going to try to develop and the conflicts which it will have to face. In the case which we took this hypothesis like valued, us serious very useful to have information about as it is our own plan for this life, to be able to cooperate consciously with him .

This information is the one that contributes the native letter.
The native letter (or astral letter) is, from an astronomical point of view, a graphical representation of the position of the sun, the moon and the planets (basically) in the zodiacal signs, sights from the point of the Earth surface in which the birth takes place, at the moment of he himself.
This way, the native letter of a person is only and unique, because it is his mark of entrance to this space-time.
From the astrological point of view, the native letter is the graficación of the ruling power guidelines at the moment of the birth, symbolized by the position of the different celestial bodies.
These guidelines are going to be printed of by life in the power field of the person, conditioning their relation with itself and the world. Each astrological factor, or the sun, the ascending one, etc., has a concrete symbolic meaning, which allows to draw very precise conclusions about the internal and external world from a person, studying the relation between these factors in each particular case.

Different opinions within the astrology exist about the relation between determinism and frees will, but all of them agree in which the individual has a decisive roll in the unfolding of its life. A proverbial phrase exists that which says that “the stars incline but they do not force”, with is wanted to trasmitir that each man is owner of his own destiny.
The key point consists of knowing how a man makes to be owner of his destiny and to create his own reality thus.
By the way that is not by simple voluntarism.
Trying to reach an external ideal of perfection to we ourself on the base of the will to make the good and to reject badly, generates the desire to us of being different from which we are, with which we disabled the self-acceptance, and therefore, the growth.
The fact to identify to us with our better qualities and to reject everything what we perceived of dark negative and in we ourself causes that we live an internal desgarramiento, that submerges more to us and more in a existencial anguish.
The way of the spiritual growth is, then, the way of the self-knowledge, based on the observation and acceptance of which truely it happens in our interior.
After we only managed to see and to accept like own, and without fault, our shadier emotions, the possibility of a real par is opened and we managed to be owners of our own life. This internal work has a double effect; on the one hand it makes us feel more complete and happy, and on the other hand, it makes possible a greater personal accomplishment in all lands.

The external world is a reflection of our internal world, and in the measurement that we solve the conflicts in our interior, our life becomes happier and total, fuller of personal accomplishment and satisfactions.

They get to change, even, the circumstances that are not under our control. This process is gradual and has been time but, once it is begun, the necessity feels to follow ahead.

As it affirmed Jung: “What the man does not know itself, it occurs to him as destiny”. The astrology is a powerful tool for the self-knowledge and the autotransformación, since all the information about our internal world, is ***reflxed mng in the native letter by means of symbols.

It offers a very valuable support to all person who is carrying out a therapeutic process, or that simply she wants to know itself itself more.


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