Background scientific of the radiesthesia

The energy and the matter emit vibration

Dowsing pendulumDowsing pendulum
From the contributions made by Albert Einstein, science sets that power is vibratory nature and that the matter which is a particular form of energy also emits radiation.
Our body is a receiver that picks up the radiation emitted by other bodies and by the different forms of energy.
We feel and believe with all body
The body captures between other vibrations, the different colors of light energy, as well as the different shades of sound energy, each of which vibrates at a certain frequency. But these perceptions not is carry to out only through the organs of the view or of the ear, since feel and think with all the body.
Since the 1920s, the five senses hypothesis developed by Aristotle has been overcome. We now know that there are in our bodies many receptors inside and outside who provide us with information.
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The pendulum is a measuring instrument, which, in the hands of a dowser, captures and amplifies the effects of the radiestésicos rays. It is one of the instruments that dowsing is served to work. They are amplifiers of reflexes that are usually undetectable. In particular the pendulum gives us answers through their movements to capture energy. It is necessary to be made of a material that is completely neutral. Them pendulums of glass are more specific to the field of the cure, but also can use them for our questions personal and for other purposes; the glass is more sensitive, because it emits energy that captures it.
Save your pendulum in a cloth bag or in a box of paper (never in a metal container if it is made of glass); try to always download your energy after use. This can be by a hissing, slightly beating its tip against the ground, in water or letting it rest a Druse of glass or selenite stone. Very important, do not allow that anyone touch your pendulum to not be with permission yours. Provided that you use it in any work, download it again to the initial vibration of his consecration, and is not imbued with energy from others and the environment.


When we receive a pendulum, whether is wood as metal or glass, or even made of other material, it becomes in a cabalistic instrument, that will represent the will of the “creator”, the spirits of nature to our service, and who is determined to be.
First thanked the spirit that dwells inside of that instrument (pendulum), since everything that comes from mother nature brings with it an Elemental that inhabits it and command his forces. Comes in tune with it and ask permission to use it he help you in its use.
Prepare with love and your best intentions a circle drawn with chalk on the floor, or a circle with crystals, and placed within the four elements: water (a glass of water), a plant pot or a crystal (element Earth), 1 (air element), 1 white candle on incense, green or blue (fire).
Then hold hands, take it to your heart integrating it completely to your own strengths and his that you bless it and consagras it in the name of God and goddesses and spirits of the nature of the universe, so that he will be an extension of those forces working on behalf of the greater good and light.
Place the pendulum in the center of the circle.
Get your favorite prayer (connection) and requests to activate the magic circle in the name of the forces of nature and of all creation, on behalf of the greater good and divine justice, to enshrine that pendulum, and says: I I promise to the forces of light to always use it for the greater good forces for me and for everyone.
Attempts do this ritual in the hours quadrants in which the energy is more concentrated, acting and pure, such as 6 h, 9 h, 12 h, 15 h, 18 h. As soon as you have finished burning the candle, your pendulum is ready to be used; Thanks, collects everything and keeps your pendulum.
This consecration can also serve for other tools of healing and magic, such as tarots, and anything else you want dedicated to serve you the benefit of healing and light.

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