Causes of Abdominal Pain


The abdomen, belly or belly is a cavity of the human body located between the lower face of the thorax and the upper face of the pelvis and the lower limbs, isolated from the rib cage by the diaphragm. Almost all viscera that contain the abdominal cavity belong to the digestive system, located in the frontal two-thirds of the abdomen. Other organs, such as the kidney, the adrenal gland and the female genital tract, intra-abdominal son. The posterior third of the abdomen comprises the lumbar vertebrae, the sacro-coccygeal bone, and the iliac bones.

In the definition of the Dictionary of the Spanish language, the belly is the cavity of the body of vertebrate animals, in which the main organs of the digestive and genitourinary organs are found, and which is the outer region of the body, which is anterior in man and inferior in the other vertebrates.

In the most critical critical situations, it is more important to know what not to do than things that must be done to reduce the risks before going to the doctor.

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