Courses of natural therapies

Courses of natural therapies

and mental techniques that can be done remotely with private teacher

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View of a class The extraordinary interest aroused in this period by natural issues, issues that affect us all, health, our growth as people and the interrelations between us has led many people feel the desire to know more about this, for we have made these distance learning courses available to everyone.

Teachers’ Room Distance education is an extremely effective instrument so that many people who otherwise could not do so, can access to generating instances of their own progress. In the times we live, with its vertiginous changes, their need is sharpened and there are no excuses: who does not grow as a person self-regulate. CD courses are designed to penetrate deeply into the knowledge of its content, with clear and manageable units of instruction, in order to study them at any time, written with special care to obtain the maximum of understanding and profit from them.

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