MUST be rich in proteins and contain only certain fats; the sugars can include is, while the alcohol is totally prohibited. These are the lines General, valid for the inadequacies liver moderate. When the clinical picture is more complex, the diet, as well as therapy, is competence of the doctor.

Few other diseases, apart from the failure liver, presented, in the scope of the variability individual, a range so wide of restrictions food unjustified. Even in them more famous treated of dietary, the space dedicated to the treatment dietary of the “small failure liver, i.e. of them forms more frequent and of grade more mild, tends to be indeed meager and, in some cases, even null, and the reasons of this contrast reside in a double order of things.
food for the higadoEn first place, the diagnosis of failure liver not should only formulate is on the base of them disorders referred by the sick, but has of be confirmed also by the detection of an increase of size of the liver, although is discreet, as well as of alterations of certain functions liver confirmed by them timely tests of laboratory.
Indeed, not few times them disorders digestive are consequence of alterations pathological of other organs of the apparatus digestive or, more often, are even expression of disorders nervous vegetative that have their origin in changes of the State of mood or of the balance psychic.
In second place, is precisely in the field individual where Act those concepts pseudo-scientific that is transmitted of a subject to another and that constitute the substrate of many prejudices and of them numerous taboos in relation to the power in general.
So for example, lacks of Foundation scientific the prohibition, so frequent in relation to these sick, of consume juice of orange or spinach, unless is wants to have in has the form of preparation of these last, that usually require a small amount of fat.


From the point of view practical, for these forms of light failure liver the diet can focus is following them lines General of a diet light or soft, according to the following principles fundamental:
limitation or exclusion of foods rich in hard digestible material in the intestine: elimination is therefore “nerve” meat, rich in connective tissue and Collagen fibers, and of plants consisting predominantly of fibres and cellulose;
Elimination of the food spicy or in any case acids;
simplicity in the preparation of the food;
exclusion of spices and aromas.
In short, is is of the same diet that is recommended to any person with difficulties digestive, are of the cause that are; In addition, in case of failure liver, is recommended reduce of form special them fat of seasoning, giving preference to the oil of olive crude.
He value caloric global daily is determines on the basis of the weight ideal, the sex, the age, the conditions of life and the environment. Being the amount of proteins of 1 g by kilo of weight and it of lipids equivalent to the 35-40% of them calories global, the rest has of be provided by them carbohydrates, that must derive, at least in its greater part, of them polysaccharides (bread, pasta, rice, legumes, potatoes).
The protein comes from meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and vegetables; the lipid, of the meat, the fish, the eggs, them derived dairy and them fat of seasoning. Naturally the diet should contain a quantity adequate of minerals and vitamins, provided by the fruit and them vegetables, and is suitable complement it with fiber (pectin and bran).
Since the failure liver and the alcoholism are cause of defects of absorption intestinal and accordingly of deficiencies both of minerals as of vitamins, can be suitable integrate the diet with products pharmaceutical, to cover them needs daily.
For a correct prescription dietary is finally necessary to resort to the tables of composition of them food.
You can use a daily amount of about six grams of sodium chloride, except, naturally, with threat of coma patients, in a coma or with serious electrolyte disturbances. From the point of view of food hygiene, the aforementioned amount of salt would be appropriate also for the healthy individual, and is enough to give flavor to food. In chronic forms, rest and a pleasant and rational diet are often sufficient to overcome the loss of appetite and route improvement.
Milk or yogurt, low-fat, if desired with a little coffee; light tea; sugar, honey, jam, fruit jelly; citrus, shakes of fruit juice, fruit fresh; bread or breadsticks integral

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