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 A Natural Medicine site, dedicated to the natural health and the study of all its therapies, acupuncture, herbals therapies, reiki, medical etc. Courses free and consultations

INSTITUTO GENTENATURALInstitute dedicated to health researchalways to serve youourselves at your service is the most important

Natural People: Portal Holistic Medicine, all therapies and disease clearly explained, the solution that offers natural health for living happy life.
Besides courses and free consultations.

Reiki, Reflexology, Herbs, holistic therapies which explains how to preserve or restore health with natural medicine.

A site with all information about the diseases and all natural methods of healing that does not end in alternative natural therapies.

Everything you need to know the sex, in a serious, adult, without dogmas, released. “It is essential to your health and knowledge for growth ethical, moral and spiritual”, sexuality and physical health psychological and ask any questions you have, in a fast, professional and dedicated.

The CONSULTATIONS are free, and paid with the team of doctors and psychologists of gentenatural

ASTROLOGY  The world of stars and participation you have in your life. History of astrology horoscopes signs of Horoscopes and Free Consultations.
Several courses in natural therapies and mental skills, learning, for your welfare and that is in your vicinity.

DISTANCE COURSES serious and remote workshops.
The possibility of varied courses in natural health and others, with the option of a final exam and have your free complete courses COURSES FULL FREE and diploma.

MANUAL COMPLETE DOCTOR – All pathologies, advice, medication, exercise, etc.. From the standpoint of allopathic.

PSYCHOLOGY – To know how we are and why we are so, a vision in Western psychology.

Courses and consultations free:
Reiki, Acupuncture, Hypnotism, Phytotherapy, Self Esteem, Shiat-su, massages, parapsychology, Ayurveda, Etc.
It is growing in a healthy and natural way to a happy and pleasant.
A group of people concerned about serving others have created this site with serious and current information for you to learn and participate. All the information you need, surely you will find here, if not, please contact us.

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