Improve your vitality and immunity

mass-ladygifThis post has been shot in the beautiful landscape  and images. Start by practicing the ‘smile’meditation to acquire a happy mental state and release negative thought patterns that can affect our vitality and immunity. Proseed to the short form of immunity exercises to deepen and regulate our breath and awaken our latent healing energy.

We will illustrate a series of acupressure points to increase vitality and immunity. They immu-birdcan be practised in a few minutes and in a few weeks their benefits should be clearly felt. In the last section we will take through the long form of the exercises. You will learn numerous movements to regulate the breath and the energy flow in our bodies, these include QiGong based exercises, sweeping movements and also various energy-raising standing meditations that are very popular now-a-days.

A learning experience

immu9We have some of the best tools to learn online massage therapy, bodywork and alternative medicine for experienced practitioners and beginners alike. This colletion is brought to you by Carlo De Paoli D.O. a practitioner with 40 years experience in this field. Our online massage video collection and ebooks can teach you thousands of techniques covering all aspects of massage, self-help and alternative medicine from acupressure to aromatherapy, reflexology, yoga, shiatsu and tons more.We are confident that most keen students and professionals of massage and bodywork will find many new techniques and inspiration to enhance the quality of their treatments and deepen the contents of their tuition


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