The multiple applications of the Feng Shui

Some of them applications more common of the Feng Shui have been proven to improve the lives of the people, both to level personal as professional.

feng shui

1. personal and family life.

Feng Shui in the home
It is the Feng shui applied to dwellings both homes such as apartments, the place in which we live we can affect directly and indirectly the result of our personal vitality (health) family relationships, success and prosperity.
Enter in game of the design of the housing, the environment that you surrounds, it distribution inside, it decoration, the location of them furniture more important, it distribution of doors and windows, locks, the State energy of it housing and the use right or inappropriate that you is, the neglect, the dirt and the disorder can cause many problems personal and of health.
Meet the good Feng shui of home is more important than that of the company or company, if the household is prosperous or have good potential, I’m sure that all businesses that do will be good and will be well.

2in the life professional and the busines

Feng Shui in the company
The financial success of a company is not only good or bad management or marketing studies, a well structured company has administrative and managerial personnel, merchandise, problems, situations that arise without a motive or identified cause can produce big disasters and disadvantages to a seemingly successful company.
In a study professional it causes is reveal for the expert who will determine which will be them settings that corrected the situation, many times can duty is to a wrong design of it structure, it location inadequate of it managements and others posts important, it energy that receive them contributors and employees of the company, them qualities energy of the environment e even new buildings neighboring that before not existed can change the Feng shui of a place and affects the good development of the company.

3. for educational or cultural institutions

Feng Shui in the education
The good or bad Feng shui of the campus can affect in the performance school, the failure educational, lawsuits and problems among students, teachers and parents, even problems of health, attitudes and profiles emotional.

4. in clinics, hospitals and clinics

Feng Shui in the health
Each type of purpose that is you of to a property requires of certain settings that it adapted to its good and successful operation.
In a public health institution the most important is the welfare of patients, good governance and the functionality of spaces as well as the good performance of the staff. A bad Feng shui can cause large and serious problems as infections, equipment damaged, problems with the personal, mismatches in the budget, greater number of deaths, weakening of the vitality that is manifest in the little improvement of them patients, etc

5 projects and pre-projects of construction

He Feng shui can be present when still not is has designed the building, starting by the observation of the terrain that well could determine the failure total of the property even before having is designed or built.
The feng shui in a draft is very important since can avoid is errors that can regret then and foresee possible problems future giving you solutions even before build is.

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