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View of a kindThe extraordinary interest aroused at this time natural themes, issues that affect us all, health, our growth as individuals and the interrelations between us has led many people feel the desire to know more about this, so we have put accessible to all, these distance learning courses.

Teacher's roomDistance education is a highly effective for many people who otherwise could not do, generating instances can access their own progress instrument.In the times we live in, with its rapid changes, the need is heightened and there are no excuses not grow as a person who is automargina. They are designed CD coursesto penetrate deep into the knowledge of their content, didactic, clear and manageable units, in order to study them at any time, drafted with special care for maximum understanding and enjoyment of them.
Evaluation RoomTeaching is individualized, with the tutorial system, will guide you and solve all your questions, we will do it with total dedication. Overseen by a multidisciplinary team that has been linked by their faith and attitude to life, turning their desire to serve, in this environment, we are professionals of very diverse activity, (doctors, psychologists, parapsychologists, teachers, etc.)

You will study at home, at your own pace, adapting to your schedule, without haste and without pressure. Our course will help you solve skillfully, any situation that comes your way and sustain a personal, timely and convincing attitude at all times.

Chat with studentsWe have not limited the means to offer the most comfortable and effective learning, our focus is on assist as individually as possible, adjusting our explanations to your skills, so that at the end of your training studies possess complete as possible.
It works because we have more commitment to our own desire to improve ourselves and no better friend or teacher, that our inner being.

Communicate live messengerYou, get at home all the course material on CDs or DVDs, with everything you need to do it, study manuals and practices also receive a dozen more books, as supporting materials, which have no test but where he will read all about: Breathing, Meditation, Concentration, Philosophy, Self-Help, etc., designed to enhance a holistic comprehensive training, and more than 150 full self-help books and various subjects, in .doc format, in addition to information and music used in their study sessions and then in consultations. Along the course itself also will receive a summary of our Course of Study, Reading and Memory, which despite being condensed, it is very useful to get more out of the and work

secretarial areaBy purchasing any of you courses. Access all the benefits of being a “partner” Inst. Gentenatural, the most important being the receiving material update constantly the power to exchange information and all kinds of consultations with other professionals.
You. Not buying a book, but a course designed pedagogically, and paying the fees of a tutor.

CERTIFICATEWhat is important in a distance learning course is the teacher’s support base count in Institute GenteNatural you have the best multidisciplinary team that can find.
Most courses include instructional videos, procedures and all carry an extensive interactive Encyclopedia of Medicine

professional herbalistdistance course DEGREE IN NATURAL MEDICINE
This program trains in the art of guiding and heal others to a healthy life. It covers studies of biology, hygiene, natural therapies, education and health promotion. Its exercise is open ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
Courses for your healthdistance course NATURAL THERAPIES :
The course consists of lessons natural therapies, which are sent on a CD with full payment.
Each lesson is a true monograph, which will be all you need to know and more, will the teacher always available.
After completion of the course, will always receiving material update

REIKI Usuidistance course REIKI :
You will learn everything about all aspects of this therapy energetic contact, History, Technology, Philosophy, uses, symbols, initiations, etc.

health in hands shiatzudistance course Shiat-ZU and masoterapia
The king of massage
supplemented with chiropractic, masoteraìa-in and do the best for problems
osseous-articular and helpful in organic discomforts

house and manage our business with feng shuidistance course FENG SHUI:
Famous art of creating balanced and harmonious environments Chi (vital energy) invented by the ancient Chinese in the Yangtze region over 3000 years ago
the parapsychological power in usdistance course PARAPSYCHOLOGY APLICADA
A practical and scientific Course!
As the science of Parapsychology studied

create wealth and happinessdistance course CREATING WEALTH AND SUCCESS
Attract all good, is not impossible, we can attract using the laws that the universe puts at our disposal.

palmistry know by handsdistance course PALMISTRY
with this course, looking at the palm of a person you will know all about ella.tambien as your body lives and your health, and future events.

control and mental selfdistance course MENTAL CONTROL
It aims, teaching to master our mind, to promote it and achieve what seems incredible Silva Method, NLP, the Alpha method, metaphysics, creative visualization, etc.

reflexology foot healingdistance course REFLEXOLOGIA
Feet and hands there are areas that are reflective of each component of the body, is a leading Reflexologist who has made the practice of their profession and lives Reflexología of income that produces help others

tarot divination with the arcanadistance course TAROT
The tarot can practice divination and fortune take this course has exercises to develop intuition and innate clairvoyance. You will learn, also using Divination by the Tarot professionally

numerology numbers and our destinydistance course NUMEROLOGY
Learn to know the people more than themselves, thanks to numerology

ayurvedadistance course AYURVEDA
Every day we appear more concerned about how we live, for our welfare and health care and for this reason a growing interest in the various and different therapeutic means

hypnotismdistance course HYPNOTISM
Hypnosis can be used within the scope of parapsychology, also as a therapeutic method and finally as a show, it is also possible to access prenatal memories and even other possible previous lives and is extremely useful in the treatment of many imbalances psychological such as phobias, depression, anxiety, nervous tics, insomnia and etc.

read fast and rememberdistance course LECTURA_VELOZ, MEMORY AND STUDY
Read much more quickly, remember what you read and know how to organize it.
meditationdistance course ADVANCED MEDITATION
Western society and culture that feeds teach us since the first months of life, the path of action, reason and will. The other party must learn for ourselves and that is what we have come to resolve the meditation techniques we have suggested to use in this course.

dowsingdistance course Dowsing and Radionics
Dowsing this course you will learn to use the pendulum to develop your natural psychic abilities and begin to feel a wide range of energy radiation (cosmic energies, telluric and vital)

health with flowersdistance course Bach flowers
Bach Flowers are a number of natural essences used to treat various emotional situations such as fear, loneliness, despair, stress, depression and obsessions. They were discovered by Edward Bach between 1926 and 1934.

know by writingdistance course GRAPHOLOGY
Through this course you will learn to appreciate the different graphics features and make your psicografológica interpretation and necessary for behavioral modification therapy skills through graphic

how to grow in staturedistance course HOW TO GROW IN HEIGHT
We all know how it feels to be wishing he had more than an inch high and not being able to get it. Remember this well: You can grow higher. Regardless of how old you are. Recent research has failed to show that the little people have few opportunities, when compared with people with the highest.

sex educationdistance course SEX EDUCATION
In this course you will learn everything you need to achieve and maintain full sexual health, you will learn how to solve all sexual difficulties. You get the necessary advise people or families with difficulties in this area knowledge.
You will learn from a holistic and natural point the domain of that generative force,

elaboration of homemade cleaning products and perfumesdistance course Manufacture of perfumes, cosmetics, personal care and cleaning
In this course you will learn everything about natural and manufactured chemicals.
In the free courses you can see an example of how we develop courses, course note that the difference in amount of material and the depth with which issues are addressed, they have a really significant difference. Similarly many of the pages you’ve seen on this site, respond to the introductory pages of the courses.



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