Self-healing forced, natural method of self-healing

Self-healing forced, natural method of self-healing

The disease does not exist, it is nothing more than a change in the homeostasis of our organism.

When I heard this for the first time I thought that the author of this sentence either never got sick or was a little crazy.
As I was very young I leaned to the second, today something greater, after having rambled by almost all the religions and methods of self-improvement existing exist, I think that he had a great reason, in fact he did not expose anything new, exists, but if there is the lack of health or as the educated people say the bad bio psycho social balance.

Our mind makes us sick, a phrase that solves easily, something very complex, especially at the time of the reverse process, healing us.

After many years of “essential search”, at last I now enjoy the state of peace and inner balance that I have fought for so long and for which – to maintain it and to be pos

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