What Not To Do In The Company Of Women

confident-manIf you are like every other guy I know then at some point you have done at least one of the things in this chapter – probably without knowing it was a turn-off for women. Knowing about these turn-offs ahead of time makes it easier to avoid them. It is my expert advice that you heed these warnings.
I guarantee that if you ignore this chapter, you will be destined to
failure with women.
DON ’T Gawk at Women
If you stare at a woman’s body, she will automatically be turned off and
decide you are someone she does not want to be with. This does not mean
you can’t appreciate the rest of her – her clothing, her stride, her
gorgeous facial features. This means that you must check out her body with
a little more discretion. The last thing a woman wants to feel is like she
is a piece of meat that a man just wants to have sex with. Women want to
feel appreciated for who they are, and not just what they look like.
Making eye contact is extremely important when you first meet a woman.
You’ll never progress your relationship with a woman if you keep looking
at her chest. Despite that her clothing is sexy, and she has a beautiful,
curvaceous body, you mustn’t check out her ass or breasts so that you can
get caught! Direct eye contact is especially important if you are in a
social environment and you are talking to this woman for the first or
second time. Keep your eyes on her – not on the women walking by, or on
her friends. If you are seriously interested in a woman, you should give
her your undivided attention.
DON’T Curse and Swear
You want women to see you as a gentleman. If you really want to give off a
good first impression, don’t swear in front of women. You should always
assume that women don’t approve of foul language or sexual undertone
during conversation. Always lead women to think you are a gentleman, even
if you aren’t. Once you become more comfortable with a woman then you can
gauge levels of profanity that she will tolerate.
DON’T Physically Grab Women
Women do not appreciate their body parts being pinched, grabbed, slapped
or fondled. If you do this, you will create hostile feelings between the
two of you. Women will not tolerate any physical contact that intimidates
them, or is degrading. As a man trying to score with a woman, you do not
want her to be guarded or uncomfortable around you. By avoiding aggressive
physical gestures you ensure she feels respected, relaxed and safe. You
may want to touch her, and have some physical contact with her. This is
permissible – she will appreciate light, flirty gestures, such as touching
her arm, brushing against her, or sitting close to her. Flirty body
language is important in the stages of seduction, but be careful not to be
too aggressive.
DON’T Lie or Betray Women
If you are ever caught in a lie you might as well say goodbye to the woman
that catches you. Women consider trust a major factor in a healthy
relationship. If she catches you betraying her trust, she will assume that
everything you have ever said is a lie, and she will no longer believe
anything you say. In order to cover your bases, for example, if you are
seeing more than one woman be sure you don’t commit to one woman. Be
honest with her, and she may even agree with your behavior! Women want
respect. When you respect a woman, she’ll give it in return.
If a woman starts to badger you about your behavior, don’t answer her
questions if you are going to have to lie to her. Simply tell her that she
is out of line. You aren’t obligated to tell a woman everything,
especially if you are still in the dating stage of a relationship. She
must also respect you and show consideration for your privacy.
DON’T Talk About Other Women
We have all done this. You are out with a woman, and the conversation
turns to your prior relationships. You should be careful to avoid in depth
conversations about other women for a couple of reasons. First, by
discussing your past relationships, and perhaps analyzing them, you put
this new woman in the category of therapist – a.k.a. friend. She won’t
feel any sexual chemistry for you if you are telling her what went wrong
with your ex-girlfriend. She may see your need to talk as an indication of
emotional baggage. You DO NOT want a woman to assume you have baggage.
Second, you don’t want to discuss other women you’re your date because
this may make her feel uncomfortable. If you are talking about
ex-girlfriends then it means you are still thinking about them. A woman
wants to feel that you are thinking about her, especially while on a date.
She wants to know that you like her, and you want to spend time learning
about her. So ask her questions about Her! Get to know her. Don’t ask
about her past, and she will be less likely to ask about yours.
Third, you do not want to be discussing other women with your new date if
you are seeing more than one woman. This can be a touchy subject for some
women, so it is best left alone. If it comes up in conversation, simply
brush it off as casual dating. Try to avoid that discussion in the early
dating stages with a new woman. You want to increase your chances of
getting this woman into bed, not lose out because of your big mouth.
DON’T Forget to Shave
This is a big issue for women. The stubble might not bother you, but it
definitely bothers women! If you intend to kiss a woman, on the lips or
otherwise, you must be clean-shaven. Either that, or have your facial hair
grown out past the prickly stage. It can irritate a woman’s skin, and she
won’t look forward to kissing you in the near future. This, of course, is
not what you want. Be sure to keep your facial hair groomed and

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