The work of the Gods that live in the cellar

horoscopoIt would not be well here that we followed ahead with the history of a discipline that basically is not known without before delivering an attack to narrate briefly in question. Everybody in this aim of century creates to have an idea about what thing is the astrology.

Is defined it in general like “a science that tries the prediction of the future through the observation of the influence which they exert the stars”, affirmation that, for whom this writes, is false as much in general as in each one of its parts.

In order to begin, the astrology is not a science. It is not the this place to discuss what is a science. If an idea of very ample science is considered, in which any activity that includes observation and correction of the theories from the experience is science, then the astrology if it is it, but also is it to drive a car, the domestic service, or to live.
If we restricted the science idea, however, to the activities like the physics or molecular Biology, the astrology is not science.
By his own nature, it cannot apply with rigor a controlled method.
Affirmation previous, that will bother approximately to half of the serious astrologers who read this note, tries to be based on the work of (Charles) titled Perry How we know what we think that we know.
Following with the lamentable definition, the question of the “prediction of the future” is not absolutely the power station of the astrology, but only one of its hypothetical possibilities.
The present astrologers basically make a diagnosis of the characteristics and psychological and psychic conditions of their client, which can perhaps be an aid for any inner experience of self-knowledge.
Into the hands of a professional formed in psychology, also he can serve as aid for diverse classes of therapy.

As well, if the psychological beliefs and the inner state of a person bear some relation to which affirmation is its outer life – that surely will not seem too preposterous, the astrology also has something to say on the matter of the outer, material conditions of the life, and this is the part that touches the future, and to the past.
A good astrologer can make very interesting affirmations respect not only to the future, but also of the past of the person, who he does not know, but its client yes.
In this way, to request to him that it speaks to him on which already happened would be one of the good ways that a person has to testear the seriousness of her astrologer before spending money in him.

Finally the question of the “influences” of planets and stars have left. It is not necessary to believe in any astral influence to be astrologer, and in fact many astrologers do not create absolutely in them, or they let that question at least to debate it in trivial conversations. Already for many between the old ones, the planets are not cause of the Earth phenomena, but merely signs of these.
The difference is not trivial, but essential. If the planets are causes, then the universe is a machine, and must physically detect `rays’ that leave Mars and `beats to him’ to new born to make it militant.
By all means, these rays have still not been discovered, which allows the scientists to explain with elegance the astrologers who the gravitational force of the body of the midwife is much greater than the one of Mars at that sacred cosmic moment, not to speak of the light of the delivery room in relation to the one of the red planet.

astrologyThe astrologer who believes in `influences’ is thus in ridiculous situation, because car-he has invited himself to the celebration of the cientificista materialism and he is in the middle of the hall, with his frac, but without trousers.
However, the astrological tradition has always said with much clarity that the planets are signs of which it happens in the cosmos.
This idea estimates that the cosmos is an alive being, a unit, in where all the parts behave in harmony because, exactly, they are parts of that whole.
This way, the systematic observation of the behavior of a part of that totality – the planets allow the student to make inferences to know the behavior any other part of that whole – by example, the life of a man, since both parts are shared in common. It is the idea that the man is a microcosm within the macrocosmos, that their particular life and its spirit repeat and engage in a dialog continuously with the universe.

This is what it has always said the Maxima atribuída to Hermes Trismegisto and that presides over all hermetic knowledge: “What is above it is like which it is down, and what is down is like which is above, so that therefore the wonder of the Unit is fulfilled”.
So that far from being a predictive science from influences, the astrology much more has to do with a conjectural art – like it was it formerly the medicine or navigation.
Thus it defined Morin de the Villefranche, greatest between the astrologers of the Renaissance. An art that it has to do now with mitológicos contents apparently in disuse, but that seems to continue living in the cellar on psique. Of being that thus, could continue being now or so more significant that before.
And that this is thus, he is something that the writers of cinematographic scripts know well, the advertising writers in general, psychologists, creative mediatic politicians and finiseculares, to mention only to some of which they gain the life with an update of the fights between the Gods of the Greek pantheon.

The astrology is part of that same world.

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